Alexandre Gama Has Had A Booming Career

     He’s received 23 Lion awards from the Cannes Film Festival since its foundation in 1999, been on the Global Creative Board of Publicis Groupe as the only Brazilian to make it thus far, Company of the Year award for a company he represented, and one of the most important leadership figures in the world of communication in 2009 by Melo & Mensagem.

That’s Alexandre Gama for you, although the above list is far from complete. He’s been a multiple-award winner in the same year several times, including 2006 and 2007. Mr. Gama is truly one of Brazil’s top advertising experts, in 2006 named a member of the Seven Most Important Professionals in Brazilian Publicity’s History; the same year crowned the Agency Director of the Year by the Propaganda Professionals Association; in 2007 touting himself as the Entrepreneur of the Year in Communications; and, also in the same year, a member of the country of Brazil’s three best male advertisers and promoters.

Mr. Gama didn’t collect all these accolades and awards by basking in the glory of them – he worked incredibly hard as an advertiser.

Alexandre Gama started his career at a media-related school, learning about ads and communications from the Armando Alvares Penteado Foundation. He’s worked at Ogilvy & Mather, DM9, Almap BBDO, and Y&R throughout his career in various capacities, the most prestigious of which was the triple roles of chief content officer, member of the global board of directors, and chief executive officer of the once-named Young & Rubicam.

He’s also been the first Brazilian to engage in a number of important, groundbreaking activities, including the global chief creative officer of BBH, a European advertising agency that spreads its ads across the entire planet. Mr. Alexandre Gama was also the first person of 100% Latin American descent to present a Master Class award at the Cannes Film Festival.

Doe Deere is the New Brand of Entrepreneur

Many people doubted Doe Deere’s ability to form a successful company. She is not the type top listen to nay-Sayers.


In 2008 she developed her own line of cosmetics that is meant to challenge the accepted notion of beauty. Lime-Crime is now a bold makeup line with a growing, international, following. The colors are vibrant, unique, and help women to find their true beauty.


How Doe Deere Became a Successful Entrepreneur

Doe developed her own idea of what it takes to be an entrepreneur. Her philosophy can help anyone with a flair for entrepreneurship and a good idea.


Doe Deere believes that the first step to becoming great is finding your great love. If you are passionate about your work success will come in some form. Throw yourself into the work and the rewards will be plentiful.


She also believes in doing what you are good at while continually expanding your skills. It is great to have a skill that you can market but you should never close your mind to learning new things.


Doe Deere knows that to be successful you have to be proactive about defining and handling problems. You can not sit back and let problems fester. This often makes the situation worse. You must truthfully identify the problem and find a solution. This type of approach keeps a mole-hill from becoming a mountain.


She took a risk when she started Lime Crime Cosmetics and continues to take smart risks. Sometimes the only way to advance is to make a move that puts something on the line. Sometimes playing it safe is the worst decision that you can make. Risks that pay-off can elevate your business to the next level.


What Does the Future Hold?


As CEO Doe Deere is involved in every facet of Lime Crime. She is there everyday to make sure that everything is running smoothly. If a problem arises she knows that it is her responsibility to fix it. Learn more:


She sees the potential in the coming generations and is excited about what they will contribute to the world. She is intrigued at the changes that will come in the coming years and how her line of cosmetics will be involved.


Doe Deere is one of the most intriguing entrepreneurs. She has innovated and built her brand from nothing, and she has done it on her own terms.

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Amicus Therapeutics: About Us

Amicus Therapeutics is a biotech company creating a wide array of products looking to treat some of the rarer and more orphaned diseases. All of the products coming from Amicus Therapeutics are either in development or in the pipeline for development. They are created to treat all different types of human genetic diseases.


One of the main treatments that Amicus Therapeutics is creating right now is called  “Migalastat. It is going to be useful in treating a disease called “Fabry”.


Another treatment that Amicus Therapeutics is creating is called “SD-101”. This is another one with Amicus Therapeutics is in the late-stages of development (YourBeautyCraze). It could be the first one to be marketed by Amicus Therapeutics. It is being used to treat a tissue disorder called “EB”.


These products are just some of the treatments being developed right now. To read a complete list of treatments click here.


Patient Stories: Mike


Amicus Therapeutics profiles a client they have helped each month. These profiles get created to help out others who may be facing the same issue in their own life. This month Mike’s story is getting profiled. Here is a brief.


Mike: Age 54


Back in 2007, Mike was rushed rather quickly to the hospital. The reason is that he had issues with his breathing.


“All I kept thinking was that I wanted a pill to take care of the pain. I wanted to be home in a few hours. No big deal. That all changed. I remember being told I may never be able to return home again, after being admitted overnight at the hospital”.


What lead up to this attack? Nine years ago he had been diagnosed with a disease called “Polymyositis”. It was not officially diagnosed until his third biopsy in 2007.


Mike got a call about 4 years later about his son turning 8 years old.


“I kept thinking I am missing a lot of stuff. I cannot be in here for the rest of my life. I am missing my son’s life and my friends and family”.


Long story short, Mike did get home to see his son. He realized that the birth of his son gave him a reason to fight and be there for the people he loves.


To those of you facing the same issue, you are not alone. Amicus Therapeutics can help you too. Click here to find out more.

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The Osteo Relief Institute – Making A Difference

Almost everyone knows someone with arthritis, but have a hard time perceiving it. Arthritis is not a singular condition, but it has many expressions to describe it, including joint disease and pain.


Luckily, there is the Osteo Relief Institute, a place knowledgeable in assisting people with this issue.

There are many different forms of arthritis, at least more than 100 and approximately 50 million U.S. citizens are afflicted with this impairment. It has a tendency to affect women and the elderly and is considered the number one disability in this country.


Most people usually have osteoarthritis or chronic joint disease, in which the cartilaginous structure between the joints began to deteriorate.



The erosion of these elastic tissues results in bones rubbing against each other. This will create severe pain produced by inflammation, swelling, and stiffness within the damaged area.


Although, some physicians believe there is no cure, medical facilities such as the Osteo Relief Institute can help individuals manage their pain with customized treatment.


The chances of suffering from this malady, include obesity, age, trauma, as well as having a family history of having osteoarthritis.


Experts recommend supervised exercise and other solutions to make the sufferer comfortable.


This type of difficulty can alter a person’s quality of life, so it is important to seek help from professionals who specialize in this field.


The Osteo Relief Institute is a good example of how a skilled staff can contribute to a person with osteoarthritis’ well-being.


They specialize in treating the whole individual, by taking into consideration of all the components leading up to the situation.


This includes thoroughly examining and listening attentively to the patient. Information about their genetics, age and medical history is crucial as well for a correct diagnosis.


With all the data is taken into account, the medical staff at the Osteo Relief Institute can then talk with the patient for the options on how they can best serve them.


These choices could include low-impact exercises to strengthen the joints, injections to allay the pain or surgical intervention for serious chronic symptoms.


If you or a love one has osteoarthritis issues, it would be a good idea to reach out to the Osteo Relief Institute (Facebook).


Eli Gershkovitch Contribution to Craft Beer Industry

Canadian craft beer business is booming in the region. It is the most popular drink in Canada. The annual sale of beer in Canada is $9 billion. There are many multinational and local breweries in the region. They brew different type of beer. The mass production of the drink makes it affordable to many people.


Propeller IPA is a famous drink in Canada. Propeller Brewing Company makes the drink. It is smooth with strong caramel flavor. It is mainly available in prop shops and also some beer stores across Canada. Another common drink is Pump House Blueberry Ale. The drink has a blueberry flavor. Many people like it because it tastes like blueberry muffins. Another common drink is St. Ambroise Oatmeal Stout McAuslan. It is dark and sweet. It is heavy and suitable during winter. It is found across the country and mainly in pubs.


The Steam Works Brewing Company is based in Burnaby British Colombia. It was found in 1985. The owner of the company is Eli Gershkovitch (CrunchBase). He was awarded the registered trade mark in 2006. The company spends $35 thousand dollars monthly in marketing, promotion art, and coasters. Eli Gershkovitch is also a pilot and a lawyer. The company has won many medals.


Eli Gershkovitch is an innovator. His primary goal is to revolutionize Canadian beer ( Eli Gershkovitch approached life with the positive attitude that many people expect from a world class working man. He is usually casual and values freedom. A desire to live his own life prompted him to start his own company. The motto of Eli Gershkovitch is to grow and meet the demand of clients. His principles are always based on economics.


Competition is usually very high among Canadian brewing industries. Many micro industries come up each year. Eli Gershkovitch has managed to use his ideas and innovations in enabling Steam Works Company to remain at the top in order to counter the competition. Steam Works Brewing Company make drinks such as summer ale, summer mash-up, flagship IPA, pilsner, Jasmin IPA, Heroic, Red ale, Killer cucumber, pale ale, and Kolsch. The alcohol content of these beers ranges from 4% to 5%.