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Amicus Therapeutics is a biotech company creating a wide array of products looking to treat some of the rarer and more orphaned diseases. All of the products coming from Amicus Therapeutics are either in development or in the pipeline for development. They are created to treat all different types of human genetic diseases.


One of the main treatments that Amicus Therapeutics is creating right now is called ¬†“Migalastat. It is going to be useful in treating a disease called “Fabry”.


Another treatment that Amicus Therapeutics is creating is called “SD-101”. This is another one with Amicus Therapeutics is in the late-stages of development (YourBeautyCraze). It could be the first one to be marketed by Amicus Therapeutics. It is being used to treat a tissue disorder called “EB”.


These products are just some of the treatments being developed right now. To read a complete list of treatments click here.


Patient Stories: Mike


Amicus Therapeutics profiles a client they have helped each month. These profiles get created to help out others who may be facing the same issue in their own life. This month Mike’s story is getting profiled. Here is a brief.


Mike: Age 54


Back in 2007, Mike was rushed rather quickly to the hospital. The reason is that he had issues with his breathing.


“All I kept thinking was that I wanted a pill to take care of the pain. I wanted to be home in a few hours. No big deal. That all changed. I remember being told I may never be able to return home again, after being admitted overnight at the hospital”.


What lead up to this attack? Nine years ago he had been diagnosed with a disease called “Polymyositis”. It was not officially diagnosed until his third biopsy in 2007.


Mike got a call about 4 years later about his son turning 8 years old.


“I kept thinking I am missing a lot of stuff. I cannot be in here for the rest of my life. I am missing my son’s life and my friends and family”.


Long story short, Mike did get home to see his son. He realized that the birth of his son gave him a reason to fight and be there for the people he loves.


To those of you facing the same issue, you are not alone. Amicus Therapeutics can help you too. Click here to find out more.

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