Hussain’s Relationship with Trump Expected to Bring on Huge Investments

Hussain Sajwani is the founder of DAMAC Properties, a company that is involved in commercial properties and real estate development in Dubai and the Middle East. Hussein hopes to enhance his relationship with Donald Trump by working closely with Donald Trump’s Real Estate Company. The two companies have been involved in different projects such as the construction of the trump international golf club which features luxurious villas that have brought in more than two billion in sales.


In one of the interviews, Hussein said that his relationship with Donald Trump extends to his family since trumps children are also involved in the business. The Damac owner believes that Trump’ children have leadership potential and he has no issues maintaining and growing their business relationship. Hussein and Trump’s wife are close friends, and they have had a lot of dinners and lunch together.


Additionally, Donald Jr, Eric, and Ivanka have also acted as representatives of their business to different wealthy foreigners including politicians from central Asia, South America, Turkey, and Canada. During a three-day business trip to the United States, Sajwani was amazed by Ivanka commitment to her business given that she managed to talk to Hussein about business days before her delivery. What’s more, she was strong and back in the office days after she had delivered.


It was at that time when he met Donald Trump for the opening of his new hotel. As they were having dinner, it was clear that Trump was going to pass his businesses to the younger generation if he was to become the next president.


Sajwani later returned to the United States after the elections were over where she met Ivanka who was moving to Washington so that she would be closer to the white house. Hussein was in attendance at the Trumps New Year’s party where he gave him a shout out terming Hussain Sajwani family as “the most beautiful people.”


Although people have concerns about Hussein’s investment in countries such as the Middle East Sajwani says that people don’t have to worry about his ties with the emir of Dubai as well as the relationship of anyone who’s going to take on the office next. According to him, he doesn’t have any political affiliations.


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