IDLife Offers Great Products For All Walks of Life

     The struggle with weight is real and is universal to age and ethnicity. IDLife Experience is offering a new way to battle the weight with great new and exciting products that will show you results, unlike most products out there.

Logan Stout is the CEO of the great company IDLife. Not only is Mr. Stout a celebrity, but he has an outstanding background in entrepreneur and business. He is also accomplished by being a 16 Time World Series Professional Baseball Player with the Dallas Patriots.

This business genius is extremely passionate about the wellness and health aspect of life, so he helped launch IDLife in the year of 2014. According to his Linkedin profile he has networked with many people and is a marketing genius.

Along with Logan Stout, IDLife has an executive team that includes Mark Bennett, COO, as well as the General Counsel, and Joe O’Connor, the CFO. Joe O’Connor has more than 32 years of experience in direct sales as the president of many different home based businesses like skin care, nutrition products, and more. With the amazing skill sets of these men, IDLife was featured in the December issue of 2014 DSA Magazine. It showed the building process that is now located in Frisco, Texas.

You can find so many different products from this company. It ranges from energetic boosts to products made for kids and weight loss. If you are looking for specific needs, or just want to browse how to get your health on track, you can take advantage of their amazing products that they have to offer.

One great new featured product that they offer is the Hydrate 15 Pack Grape Flavored product. If you feel dehydrated, you can make you a tasty drink that will offer almost instantaneous hydration. This is a great product for athletes or those who work outdoors during the summer months. This is just one fine example of the amazing products that IDLife has to offer for a fair price. No matter if you are looking to improve your health or to keep your body strong, there is a product for you.

Betsy DeVos Tells Teachers Charter Schools Are Part Of The Public School System

President Trump wanted Betsy DeVos to be his education secretary even though Trump and DeVos didn’t know each other. Trump knew DeVos, and her husband Dick, were big Republican donors, and he knew Betsy felt the same way he did about the public school system. Betsy’s influence and money turned the Michigan public school system into what Betsy calls “the school system of the future.” DeVos turned to investors for support and the Michigan charter school system was suddenly a reality. DeVos said charter schools would help students get better test scores. And these investor-funded schools would increase their comprehension skills. But according to Michigan test score results, the kids in charter schools are not performing much better than the children who are still in the public school system.



The charter school program wasn’t Betsy’s idea. A University of Massachusetts professor came up with the idea in the 1970s. And California got the charter school ball rolling in the 1980s. Today there are more than 6,800 charter schools across the country, and Betsy believes elementary learning should be a capitalistic venture. And the charter school are capitalistic so they are not a whole part of the public school system. They have their own agenda’s and they follow the rules set up for charter schools. Even though any kid can go to a charter school, some students don’t meet the academic criteria. Betsy’s voucher system is giving more low-income students a chance to learn in charter schools. The public school system is under attack by the government. And according to teachers, charter schools are not the answer to the education dilemma.



Betsy recently made an unannounced visit to the Teacher of the Year meeting, and she asked the top teachers in the country what issues needed fixing. Jon Hazell, the top teacher in Oklahoma, told DeVos money that should go to public schools is being redirected to the charter school system, and the lack of funding was definitely hurting public schools. Hazell told DeVos she was creating the issue, and she should be able to fix it. But instead of agreeing with Hazell, DeVos told him she was redefining education, and charter schools are part of the public school system. Obviously, some of the teachers at the meeting thought DeVos didn’t really know what the word “public” meant.



The Teacher of the Year meeting is just one of the uncomfortable situations DeVos faces as she plods through her second year as the education secretary. The teachers who are protesting Betsy’s new education system are angry. Instead of finding common ground with teachers, DeVos pushes them away with comments like “teachers should put students first instead of pushing their own agenda.” Betsy has a knack for saying some pretty unsettling things and her appearance on 60 Minutes didn’t help win any new education friends. Teachers and students say DeVos is out of touch. They say she doesn’t care about the kids in public schools. All she cares about is turning the school system into an investor-driven money maker.


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NGP VAN Elevating Campaigns and Fundraising Through Digital Tools

The company of NGP VAN is a popular provider of campaigning and organizational tools for political candidates and more. The company has the goal of helping to set any campaign n motion through their campaign tools, from a digital acquisition of votes and signatures to organizing various campaigns and lists.



The company primarily provides its services to progressive and democratic campaigns and has been used by Barack Obama, leaders, and Clinton in past years. The NGP VAN offers its costumers an integrated platform filled with products and tools to achieve networking and elevate campaigns in the fields of fundraising, organizing, compliance, petitioning, and digitalizing, to name a few.



The leader of the NGP VAN is Mr. Stu Trevelyan who has been operating as the Chief Executive Officer since 2007. Mr. Stu Trevelyan has dedicated his career to elevating campaigns and causes and helping them succeed through technology and innovative ways to use it.



Mr. Stu Trevelyan is known as the co-founder of the Carol and Trevelyan Strategy Group. the corporation pioneered several of the most used practices and tools for fundraising online and online advocacy. The Carol and Trevelyan Strategy Group has assisted a vast number of non-profit organizations set their operations in motion such as the Amnesty International, the Planned Parenthood Federation of America, as well as the Natural Resources Defence Council, to name a few.



Prior to co-founding the company, Mr. Stu Trevelyan was appointed at the White House Legislation Affairs and worked for Senator Harris Wofford. Mr. Stu Trevelyan ha also served at a number of non-profit organizations such as the Greenpeace and the Public Interest Research Group, among many others.



The past twenty years of his career were dedicated to causes and non-profit groups. Before that, Mr. Stu Trevelyan worked at Kintera, Ludi Labs, and then at the NGP Software where he serves as the Chief Executive Officer of the corporation for four years. Up to date along with his leadership at the NGP VAN, e is also the CEO of EveryAction.



Mr. Stu Trevelyan achieved his higher education at the Pomona College before heading into business.

Bob Reina: He Puts People First

Bob Reina always puts the people first over everything else he does with Talk Fusion. If the people are not happy, he is not happy. He listens to them, talks to them, and tries to find out what is going on with them at all times. He knows Talk Fusion has had a great deal of success, but he wants the company to keep having success. He does not want to look back. He wants to look forward and he also wants to look at the present. The only way he will look back is if he is looking at what the company has done in the past that went right or wrong, so they can learn from it.


He is not one to dwell in the past though or live in the past and talk about the good old days. He forges ahead and moves ahead with the video communications company. He knows it is what the company needs to survive, thrive, and keep moving forward. It is all about moving forward for Talk Fusion and moving forward in the right direction and not the wrong direction. The wrong direction would mean they are losing customers and people are not happy with the company. That is not what Bob Reina wants for the company or for the people.


His greatest reward is when the people are happy and when the people feel like they have gotten their money’s worth out of the company. When he hears that the company has helped change someone’s life for the better, he’s the happiest man on the planet earth. That’s exactly what he wants to hear and what he wants to see for the company. That is the plan for the company and it’s a plan he is going to carry out with strong conviction.


Don’t worry, people: Bob Reina is here, and he is looking out for you. He wants you to be happy and he wants you to get the most out of every day you are on this earth. You deserve it, and you are worth it. Learn more:






The comprehensive report on the AvaTrade Review

AvaTrade has been in existence since 2006. It is among the companies on top of the list when it comes to Forex broking. This firm has branches all across the world, from London to Tokyo. The Central Bank of Ireland oversees the company’s operations. The firm also has a license to operate in the European Union. The permit was granted to them by the MiFID. In Japan, Australia and the British Virgin Islands, this company are regulated by various responsible bodies.


AvaTrade is one of the pioneers of the use of the Contract For Difference agreement. This feature enables them to replace an old contract with a new one before it expires. This adjusts the price difference between these two contracts to the benefit of the client. They employed it on stock markets as well as trade in general. The company is as well responsible for introducing a digital coin system to the markets. The system enabled participants to make use of bitcoins. Through its operation, AvaTrade maintains an exemplary level of transparency. They as well stick to the trading regulations imposed on them.


Besides CFO, AvaTrade provides other outstanding attributes that other brokers are not giving. They have created a website to enable their clients to have easy access to their services. The site is available in several languages besides English. The diversity in style enhances the ease of making use of the website.


This AvaTrade review is not all about trade. Through their website, they offer financial education. The educational program includes webinars, online courses, and daily analysis. The program also provides market reports and international economic benchmark reports. The stories are always grouped under regions. For instance, Chinese reports are organized separately from the American accounts and so on. AvaTraders also enable young entrepreneurs to access news on world’s great entrepreneurs and trading firms.


AvaTrade has its head offices in Dublin, Ireland. Just as a majority of companies of its nature, AvaTrade has been a victim of rumors of being a scam. This has however been proven to be just a rumor. The company does all its trading operations online and therefore is easily impersonated by scammers. The company has gained trust after being in service for almost one and a half decades. AvaTrade is also a highly regulated firm, and this has thrown away its client’s fears.


Since its an online- operated company, it uses various online platforms. These include mobile platforms and automated trading systems. The computerized trading system comprises roboX, Mirror Trader, and ZuluTrade just to mention a few.