NGP VAN Elevating Campaigns and Fundraising Through Digital Tools

The company of NGP VAN is a popular provider of campaigning and organizational tools for political candidates and more. The company has the goal of helping to set any campaign n motion through their campaign tools, from a digital acquisition of votes and signatures to organizing various campaigns and lists.



The company primarily provides its services to progressive and democratic campaigns and has been used by Barack Obama, leaders, and Clinton in past years. The NGP VAN offers its costumers an integrated platform filled with products and tools to achieve networking and elevate campaigns in the fields of fundraising, organizing, compliance, petitioning, and digitalizing, to name a few.



The leader of the NGP VAN is Mr. Stu Trevelyan who has been operating as the Chief Executive Officer since 2007. Mr. Stu Trevelyan has dedicated his career to elevating campaigns and causes and helping them succeed through technology and innovative ways to use it.



Mr. Stu Trevelyan is known as the co-founder of the Carol and Trevelyan Strategy Group. the corporation pioneered several of the most used practices and tools for fundraising online and online advocacy. The Carol and Trevelyan Strategy Group has assisted a vast number of non-profit organizations set their operations in motion such as the Amnesty International, the Planned Parenthood Federation of America, as well as the Natural Resources Defence Council, to name a few.



Prior to co-founding the company, Mr. Stu Trevelyan was appointed at the White House Legislation Affairs and worked for Senator Harris Wofford. Mr. Stu Trevelyan ha also served at a number of non-profit organizations such as the Greenpeace and the Public Interest Research Group, among many others.



The past twenty years of his career were dedicated to causes and non-profit groups. Before that, Mr. Stu Trevelyan worked at Kintera, Ludi Labs, and then at the NGP Software where he serves as the Chief Executive Officer of the corporation for four years. Up to date along with his leadership at the NGP VAN, e is also the CEO of EveryAction.



Mr. Stu Trevelyan achieved his higher education at the Pomona College before heading into business.

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