IDLife Offers Great Products For All Walks of Life

     The struggle with weight is real and is universal to age and ethnicity. IDLife Experience is offering a new way to battle the weight with great new and exciting products that will show you results, unlike most products out there.

Logan Stout is the CEO of the great company IDLife. Not only is Mr. Stout a celebrity, but he has an outstanding background in entrepreneur and business. He is also accomplished by being a 16 Time World Series Professional Baseball Player with the Dallas Patriots.

This business genius is extremely passionate about the wellness and health aspect of life, so he helped launch IDLife in the year of 2014. According to his Linkedin profile he has networked with many people and is a marketing genius.

Along with Logan Stout, IDLife has an executive team that includes Mark Bennett, COO, as well as the General Counsel, and Joe O’Connor, the CFO. Joe O’Connor has more than 32 years of experience in direct sales as the president of many different home based businesses like skin care, nutrition products, and more. With the amazing skill sets of these men, IDLife was featured in the December issue of 2014 DSA Magazine. It showed the building process that is now located in Frisco, Texas.

You can find so many different products from this company. It ranges from energetic boosts to products made for kids and weight loss. If you are looking for specific needs, or just want to browse how to get your health on track, you can take advantage of their amazing products that they have to offer.

One great new featured product that they offer is the Hydrate 15 Pack Grape Flavored product. If you feel dehydrated, you can make you a tasty drink that will offer almost instantaneous hydration. This is a great product for athletes or those who work outdoors during the summer months. This is just one fine example of the amazing products that IDLife has to offer for a fair price. No matter if you are looking to improve your health or to keep your body strong, there is a product for you.

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