Doe Deere and Beauty Joy

Doe Deere is an authority on the beauty market. The Russian-born beauty maven is Lime Crime’s Chief Executive Officer and owner. Although she was born thousands and thousands of miles away in Russia, she enjoyed a decidedly All-American upbringing located in New York, New York. That’s where she attended school for fashion design. Deere is a revolution of sorts in the makeup world. She put together Lime Crime in 2008. She, at the time, was one of the few entrepreneurs who ticked off “female” on forms. She works in Los Angeles, California at the moment and puts everything she has into her vocation. She cares about nothing more than coming up with makeup items that are full of energy and spirit. She loves nothing more than dreaming up makeup items that do not promote cruel concepts in any way. Animal testing isn’t something that Deere ever backs or supports even for a second. Lime Crime’s products are also vegan. They, as a result, don’t include animal byproducts in any manner. There are so many thrilling products accessible to people who proudly call themselves Lime Crime fans. These people can pick between lipsticks, lip glosses, nail polish and even liquid liners.


Deere’s roots in the makeup universe were rather unassuming. She started out with apparel design. She established an independent apparel company on the Internet. This encouraged her to come up with cosmetics products by herself, too. She wanted nice makeup items that could flatter the outfits she put up on her website. She had difficulties locating the specific vivid colors she desired. That’s when she realized that she had no other option but to take matters into her own hands and produce them without any outside assistance whatsoever.


Deere has forever been fond of cosmetics and fairytales. That motivated her to bring the worlds together. A unicorn serves as the mascot of Lime Crime. It symbolizes the value of being a bona fide individual at all times. It also symbolizes charm that’s hard to find. It even symbolizes doing good for all of the wonderful creatures who live on this planet. Deere is a big animal rights supporter and has been for a long time. Lime Crime is a “purple” company that concentrates on innovation.


Lime Crime has never wavered once since the start. It’s been fully committed to beautiful things since day one. It endorses the concept that beauty can promote joy. Deere thinks that beauty has the ability to put smiles on peoples’ visages. She thinks that makeup that doesn’t endorse joy is totally pointless. She wants people to be able to make use of colors that make them feel like anything is 100 percent possible.


Deere has read quite a few books that have changed her approach to entrepreneurship and business. She simply adores Lindy Woodhead’s “War Paint.” This comprehensive biography discusses hard-working women and their roles within the cosmetics industry. It goes into women who had a competition in the Big Apple that lasted for a long time. Learn more:

Doe Deere is the New Brand of Entrepreneur

Many people doubted Doe Deere’s ability to form a successful company. She is not the type top listen to nay-Sayers.


In 2008 she developed her own line of cosmetics that is meant to challenge the accepted notion of beauty. Lime-Crime is now a bold makeup line with a growing, international, following. The colors are vibrant, unique, and help women to find their true beauty.


How Doe Deere Became a Successful Entrepreneur

Doe developed her own idea of what it takes to be an entrepreneur. Her philosophy can help anyone with a flair for entrepreneurship and a good idea.


Doe Deere believes that the first step to becoming great is finding your great love. If you are passionate about your work success will come in some form. Throw yourself into the work and the rewards will be plentiful.


She also believes in doing what you are good at while continually expanding your skills. It is great to have a skill that you can market but you should never close your mind to learning new things.


Doe Deere knows that to be successful you have to be proactive about defining and handling problems. You can not sit back and let problems fester. This often makes the situation worse. You must truthfully identify the problem and find a solution. This type of approach keeps a mole-hill from becoming a mountain.


She took a risk when she started Lime Crime Cosmetics and continues to take smart risks. Sometimes the only way to advance is to make a move that puts something on the line. Sometimes playing it safe is the worst decision that you can make. Risks that pay-off can elevate your business to the next level.


What Does the Future Hold?


As CEO Doe Deere is involved in every facet of Lime Crime. She is there everyday to make sure that everything is running smoothly. If a problem arises she knows that it is her responsibility to fix it. Learn more:


She sees the potential in the coming generations and is excited about what they will contribute to the world. She is intrigued at the changes that will come in the coming years and how her line of cosmetics will be involved.


Doe Deere is one of the most intriguing entrepreneurs. She has innovated and built her brand from nothing, and she has done it on her own terms.

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