The Cabinets of Your Dreams with Siteline Cabinetry!

Siteline Cabinetry is a company committed to your kitchen, its cabinets, and the harmony and warmth of your home’s biggest gathering place. Using a mixture of traditional and modern techniques, designers employed by Siteline can bring out the individual spirit of your kitchen, or any area in which fine cabinetry work is needed. Siteline Cabinetry is dedicated to providing innovative and unique storage options anywhere in your home at an inexpensive and affordable price tag.

Offering a variety of options, Siteline will work with you to determine the best options for your area. Their traditional, shaker style, cabinets offer Siteline’s personal twist on the classic cabinet option. If you want something more individualized, however, Siteline offer personalized custom cabinetry work, to best accommodate the area where the cabinets are needed. With diverse and varied abilities on the part of their carpenters and craftsmen, the company can craft any number of cabinet designs for the perfect look anywhere in your home or office. Siteline Cabinetry knows the importance of cohesive design and function and focus on achieving a balance of both for the cabinets you need.

The mother company of Siteline Cabinetry, The Corsi Group, began in Indianapolis in 1973. Pat Corsi, founder of Corsi, began the group with a small business loan. The Corsi Group now employees over two hundred spread amongst its three separate locations. Siteline Cabinetry, in Keysville, Virginia, is the Corsi Group’s latest cabinetry focused factory. Pat Corsi said the opening of the facility in Keysville, and the launch of Siteline itself, was a major milestone in the forty year old business he began himself. With decades of experience, a multitude of talented designers, and a dedication to providing you with the cabinets you want and need, Siteline Cabinetry can bring your ideas to life.

After deciding which cabinets will best accommodate your space and budget, Siteline will get right to work. With a short lead time, and quick and efficient installation, Siteline Cabinetry can provide you with your cabinets shortly after the first step. The cabinets you’ve always dreamed of can be yours today, with one simple call to Siteline Cabinetry!

Matt Badiali: A Leading Geologist and Investment Consultant

     Matt Badiali is an experienced geologist and investment consultant. He has over twenty years working experience that have been marked with great achievements and discovery. He has dedicated his career to research on various natural resources. Many who have interacted with him and those that benefit from his writings admire Matt’s expertise. He believes in continuous research to discover new uses of materials and unveil future trends in investment.

Matt attended Penn State University where he attained a BS in Earth Sciences. He proceeded to Florida Atlantic University to undertake a Masters in Geology. He started his career working at an oil drilling company where he gained skills through directing and observing a team tasked with the drilling. He took keen interest in overseeing the process to identify important issues that arose. He was able to acquire great expertise and become a seasoned geologist.

Matt later worked as an environmental consultant for various companies that helped him gain his status as an investment consultant. He has acquired extensive skills in consulting having worked with big companies and advised individuals on investment in natural resources. Matt has also built a network of individuals and companies who have propelled his career forward. He is able to accomplish his research exercises with the help of great teams of experts and companies that have supported his ventures.

Matt is an editor at Banyan Publishing where he offers investment advice to readers on metals and other natural resources. The company was delighted to have him join their team. Matt expressed his joy for being part of a company that supports his work by providing the necessary resources to conduct research and facilitate his travels. He has written many articles on metals that will be in high demand in future and the industries that are likely to need high supply.

The has a pool of articles that are geared towards investment. Matt shares his insights on the best opportunities to investors. He wrote an article on why investors should own platinum. In his view, the prices of palladium would not decline hence investors would be better off investing in platinum since both metals have the same role in automobile industry. In another article on copper, Matt encourages investment in the metal due to the use of electric vehicles. He notes that the anticipated high demand of electric vehicles will accelerate the demand of copper.

There is good news for natural resource investors out there. The Baltic Dry Index (BDI), which is a benchmark of…

Posted by Matt Badiali on Friday, December 8, 2017

Jeff Yastine Is A Wealth Guru

     Some people worry about the current state of shopping. They worry that the Internet is going to take over. They feel like brick and mortar shopping centers everywhere are all going to become totally obsolete. There are prominent investors, however, who have zero concerns that involve the future of the physical shopping world. These people believe firmly in the power of shopping centers and malls. They don’t think that these things are going out of fashion soon, either. They, because of that, are actually putting their money where their mouths are.

Jeff Yastine has an enviable position as Banyan Hill Publishing’s Editorial Director. This company operates out of Delray Beach in Florida. The city also happens to be Yastine’s place of residence at the moment. Yastine is in charge of editing a column that’s called Total Wealth Insider. He’s been a member of the illustrious Banyan Hill Publishing crew since 2015. The team at Banyan Hill Publishing wanted to work with Yastine for a couple of major reasons. Yastine, first of all, worked in stock market investments for 20 plus years. He also worked as a dedicated financial journalist who spent a significant amount of time concentrating on global financial happenings of all varieties. Yastine works next to other people who know a lot about the finance realm. Some of these people are Matt Badiali, Chad Shoop, Robert E. Bauman, Ian Dyer and Jessica Cohn-Kleinberg. These professionals have a diverse range of positions. They work as internal analysts, managing editors, senior editors and beyond.

Yastine is an individual who has a lot of information to offer the planet. He has expertise that relates to seasonal purchases. He has knowledge that revolves around brand new technological fields, hacker prevention, cybersecurity woes and even value trap investments.

Jeff Yastine is the kind of person who prioritizes social media use. He, as a result, has a handful of accounts on widely known social networking platforms. People can easily and rapidly locate this investment aficionado on Google Plus. They can quickly find him on Tumblr, Twitter and Facebook as well. It’s not at all difficult to get in contact with Yastine. People can opt to send him messages via social networking platforms.

Yastine has a devotion to investment knowledge that’s strong and perpetually growing more and more expansive. He’s a specialist who is always looking for ways to broaden his horizons. Improvement fascinates him.

The Growth of Obsidian Energy

Obsidian energy is a midsized company that deals with the production of oil and natural resources. It was formerly known as Penn West Exploration Limited before it was renamed obsidian energy limited following a resolution by shareholders to effect the change with a support of 92 percent on 26th 2017. The name originates from a naturally occurring volcanic glass. It will come with symbol change, which will be replaced by ‘OBE’ on the stock exchange markets.


The company’s headquarters is located in Albert, Calgary, which is in one of the largest petroleum reserves in the world. It has undergone significant restructuring following operational and financial changes over the past few years such as accounting irregularities. Besides, Obsidian Energy, according to its chief executive officer, is to be guided by three principles;

  • Disciplined commercial and technical decision making to protect the enterprise value
  • Transparent and accountable efforts with partners, shareholders and the community in which they operate
  • Steady pursuit of progress and innovation


Obsidian Energy’s oil and natural production company currently have about 300 employees led by David L. French who is the company’s chief executive officer since October. The daily production is about 28, 000 barrels of oil from the previous 135,000. The company has narrowed its production areas from about 30 to four with the aim of increasing its profitability. Obsidian Energy has also managed to reduce its net debt from $3 billion in 2013 to 384 million this year. Obsidian Energy undertook several measures such as selling off assets to manage this debt reduction resulting at the end of the lawsuits and scandals that had characterized the company. It announced $8.5 million reimbursement with the Securities and Exchange Commission in the US. Obsidian Energy also suspended the payment of dividend to the shareholders and also cut down the compensation for the board of directors. Obsidian Energy is expected to perform better if the third quarter results and 2018 budget is anything to be put into consideration. The chief executive officer, David French, promised a bright future of the company during an interview with the Toronto stock exchange noting that the future of Obsidian is bright.


Check Out This Page to learn more about the company.

Obsidian Energy Success Journey

Formerly known as Penn West Petroleum Limited, the company redefined by formally changing to Obsidian Energy Limited in 2017.Obsidian Energy is an oil and gas producer with a tremendous portfolio of quality assets. Obsidian’s Oil and gas fields are situated in Alberta, an area globally known for its large petroleum reserves. The product is extracted from Pembina Cardium, Peace River oil sands, and Alberta Viking.


The company has a higher commitment towards ensuring minimum impacts of its operations to the environment. Obsidian Energy has a program which focuses on going past environmental regulations adhering to necessary site reclamation and abandonment Obsidian Energy’s sole mission towards the environment is to carry out its activities peacefully and responsibly emphasizing to the employees to address concerns from the area with diligence.


The company has the commitment to uphold the safety of its employees and contractors. This is made possible by instilling safety principles including safety policies and procedures, compliance with those policies and procedures and many others. Towards its commitment to safety, Obsidian Energy has an emergency response plan to counter any emergency related to its operations. The emergency plan also undertakes community awareness to enlighten the community how to respond in case of an emergency. Click Here For Related Article.


In the Alberta Viking, Obsidian Energy possesses a leading and ownership of the whole Esther area. The area has a combination of light-oil and gas plus shorter cycle wells to complement activities in Cardium. The Cardium is the pioneer of the foundation with high light oil production. Waterfloods increase the production and recovery rates in the Cardium. Peace River is a joint between Obsidian and China Investment Corporation. The venture has massive production of the precious commodity.


Mr. David L. French is the president and Chief Executive Officer of Obsidian Energy. He had previously served as the president of the Bankers Petroleum Association with its operations in Europe. Mr. French had led the tasks and growth of the business during the time he had served. Also, on the list of his management team includes David Hendry who is the Chief Financial Officer and many others.



Josh Smith: Eco-Socio-Capitalism for a Better World

A serial entrepreneur with seventeen plus years experience, Josh Smith, a resident of Reno, Nevada is dedicated to providing lasting social change through his multitude of unique business advancements. Renowned for his sense of world community outlook, and knowledge of the market, Smith is the founder and creator of several companies utilizing cutting edge technology to bring stabilization and structure to society’s safety at large. A leader with a focused vision of the future he and his companies aim to provide the world, Josh Smith’s mastery of direct route marketing has lead to some of his biggest achievements in his own brand of eco-socio-capitalism. Surrounding himself with the right people for assistance, and a level headed business philosophy has propelled Joshua in his variety of enterprises.
Smith has a deep interest in organic and home gardening. Partnering this passion with his drive to give back, Josh is the founder of a non-profit organization committed to bringing greenhouses and gardens to schools in America. His love of gardening has also deeply influenced Smith’s latest project as co-inventor and designer of the modular hinge greenhouse, which allows gardeners to grow their veggies and fruits almost anywhere. After working through a variety of stipulations for his own background greenhouse, at his Reno residence, Josh decided to make an easier setup for aspiring green thumbs no matter where they call home. The modular hinge greenhouse allows for setup anywhere, including backyards, patios, and even living rooms.

In a recent interview, Josh Smith spoke on his entrepreneurship, saying when he identifies a problem, he works to fix it. Being a serial entrepreneur, Smith says he has a variety of ideas, and that when deciding between them he chooses ones that he knows will be able to better the majority of lives. Joshua says his way of working is more holistic in nature than most business men as he works first on bettering society and the world. With a dedication to providing people with the opportunity to use technology to better our lives, this young Reno based Entrepreneur is an incredible asset to the new wave of unique socially conscious capitalists.

Get Your Volcanic Water on with Waiakea Water

Waiakea Hawaiian Volcanic Water will start to use degradable water bottles for their packaging within the next year. This will decrease the bottles waste by 98%, and it is 100% recyclable. The former water bottle has a life span of 1,500 years, and the new one will only have 15 years. Which is a huge improvement. Ryan Emmons, who is the founder and CEO of Waiakea, realized that plastic can be both strong, yet weak. Making it able to be sturdy, yet have the ability to be broken down. They have figured out how to take the usual chemical bonds that are needed to create a water bottle and substitute them with less complicated links. It took over five years to create this new water bottle that has a shorter degradable life. The cost for these bottles are negotiable. this is due to the cost of the additive that makes the water bottle degrade, and when it is added.

Waiakea started back 2012. This was when Ryan Emmons was only 22 years old. Now the company has grown 4000% since then. The company is estimated to be worth 10 million dollars. Waiakea offers one of the purest waters available today, and has many minerals in it. It is also very beneficial for your hair, nails and skin. It helps balance out the fluids that are in your body. Emmons also donates 650mls of clean water for every bottle that he sells, to the charity PumpAid. So far, over 500 million liters of water has been donated to rural parts of Africa. This makes it so about 1.35 million people have been given access to fresh water now. They have also installed over 3,500 elephant pumps that they have installed thanks to the PumpAid. The cost for this water is relatively reasonable. 1.79 for a half liter and 2.79 for a full liter. Waiakea in 2017 has earned the title as the number 1 Top Volcanic Bottled Water.

What to Know About Basis, the First Product from Elysium Health

Basis is a combination of two central, active ingredients that helps its consumers live healthy lives for longer than if they didn’t add the supplement to one’s daily regimen. The supplement is unlike many others, as it successfully passed a self-funded clinical trial without any incident. As its owners and affiliates expected, Basis improved the serum concentrations of NAD+–a compound discussed later in this article–effectively facilitating the optimal cellular health and bodily functions of the people who consumed it.

What organization produces Basis?

Elysium Health formed Basis in 2015, the year after it was founded. Two astute businessmen and one scientist–Dr. Leonard Guarente–came together with the idea for Elysium Health after a brainstorming session in 2014.

Elysium Health, a company competing in the field of health science known for its innovation in creating supplements, is lucky to have Dr. Leonard Guarente on its team, as he is the Director of MIT’s – that’s the Massachusetts Institute of Technology – Glenn Laboratory for the Science of Aging. As such, Dr. Guarente has spent countless hours working with the compounds included within Basis, allowing Elysium Health to rapidly bust down barriers in the supplement industry.

What is the supplement Basis crafted out of?

Jars of Basis include 60 capsules, which are sourced entirely from vegetables and plant matter, rather than animal matter that is unhealthier for its users than plant-based capsules, not to mention the fact that it doesn’t conflict with virtually any modern diets.

Basis has two primary ingredients, known as pterostilbene and nicotinamide riboside. Pterostilbene, a sirtuin protein activator, does not work without nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide–longhand for NAD+–in its immediate presence. It is a protein that is used in countless cellular functions, similar to NAD+ in the sense it’s also used in so many functions necessary for cellular health.

Nicotinamide riboside, once consumed, creates NAD+, or nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide. NAD+ has two electrons that can be given away to other molecules, making it an effective fuel for hundreds of cellular transactions and functions.

How can supplement consumers know they can trust Basis?

It’s true that a majority of supplements on the market – not just in the United States, but around the entire globe – have not been proven to work. Believe it or not, many supplements are marketed with unsubstantiated claims.

Basis is different from these supplements, because Elysium Health paid for a clinical trial that determined it was – and still is – safe to consume, effectively raised the levels of NAD+ in the blood of people who took Basis for at least four weeks consecutively, at the dosage of two capsules per day.

Louis Chenevert: A Man of Tall Accomplishments

In the article, Louis Chenevert is described as a man who accomplished many things. Even when his career was just beginning Louis was making a name for himself. First, at General Motors and then at Pratt & Whitney Canada. His career only went up from there. The article goes into detail about the worth that Louis brought to the businesses that he was a part of.

From mentions of his published pages in Forbes magazine to the projects that Chenevert led to greatness. His forward thinking was an admirably that attested to his skills as a leader. He was able to find projects that would launch the company towards conveying the company’s vision. When others declined UTC stepped up and won the lobby because of this UTC became the one and the only supplier of the F-35 engine for the US government, in part it is because Louis Chenevert has been known to pick the best projects.

A powerful businessman Chenevert was not only good at his leadership, but he knew how to make it through tough times. When faced with economic crisis, Chenevert guided UTC through it. Because of this UTC has made it through with their head above water.

In 2014, Louis left United Technologies Corporation and became the Exclusive Advisor at the Goldman Sachs banking division. His hard work at UTC had definitely paid off because the corporation is still very much in the lead. Overall, the article depicts the great feats and accomplishments of Chenevert. It goes into describing the skills that Chenevert has and what kind of business he was able to make thrive from his hard work and dedication. He was able to be the kind of leader that inspired the employees to strive to deliver and live up to UTC’s vision. The article paints a picture of a tall accomplishments.

Rise Of Gregory Aziz

Gregory James Aziz is a Canadian businessman born in Ontario. He was born in 1949. Since the 1970s he has been in the corporate sector serving in various business organizations in North America. Greg Aziz is the current chairman of the National Industries. He is also the president and chief executive officer of a subsidiary of National Industries known as National steel car. National steel car a top manufacturing and engineering firm in Canada specializes in the production of railroad freight cars and tank cars. National steel car has offices and headquarters in Hamilton, Ontario. The current CEO Gregory Aziz went to the University of Western Ontario. He studied bachelors in economics.



His first job after completing his economics degree at the university was at a company known as Affiliated Foods. Affiliated Foods dealt with the supply of fresh foods. He supplies to a large market in North America. This business was owned by his family. Greg Aziz spent about 16 years in the business and helped it to grow into a regional foods supply giant. It was able to grow its market base to mire areas in Eastern Canada and the United States. Affiliated Foods imports its fresh foods products from Europe and South America.



Businessman Gregory Aziz acquired National Steel Car Company in 1994 after he bought it from another company known as Dofasco. National steel car, the railroad freight car manufacturer has earned a good reputation in the manufacturing industry for its ability to produce products that meet high standards of manufacturing, engineering, and innovations. National steel car has been in existence for more than one hundred years. It was started in 1912. National steel car is a company that has embraced diversity, dynamism and good values in its operations. The employees of the company are proud of the work that they do at the company. They have been able to produce high-quality railroad cars. See This Page to Learn More.



National Steel car under the management of Greg Aziz has employed highly skilled engineers and technologists who are able to apply modern techniques of production. The intention is to produce products that meet the expectations of the consumers. Its dedication to delivering high-quality products have made it the leading producer of railroads freight cars and tank cars in North America.



Aziz has created a great reputation in the industry by creating good relations with the players in the industry. The company has won many accolades that through the TTX SECO. It won the awards for more than 18 years in a row.