The Power of the Jeunesse Experience Exists in the Product Packages

The reason behind the launching of Jeunesse in 2009 can be found among the creative vision of founders Randy Ray and Wendy Lewis. Prior to 2009, they were business partners on many successful and lucrative ventures and decided to retire. However, as fate would have it, they both discovered that they shared the same unfulfilled passion to help people reach their full potential.

Randy and Wendy shared a desire to want to see people thrive in their lives and aligned a passion to create Jeunesse. It was decided that September 9, 2009, at 9:00 P.M., the company would be launched to represent a symbolic gesture for the true meaning of a vision for longevity for people’s lives. The number “nine” is a symbol of longevity and has significant meaning in the hearts of the two visionaries.

Through the years, Jeunesse has become extremely recognizable as a cutting-edge company that represents high standards of excellence with all of its products. The company has such an abundance of products that customers are given a wide selection of choices. However, with the product packages that Jeunesse offers, it makes the selection much easier.

For instance, customers can choose the Basic Nutritional Package which includes a variety of products such as Zen Prime, Reserve, AM Essentials, PM Essentials and a four-pack of Nevo. All of these products enhance the body for getting the most out of a full day for an active lifestyle. For customers looking to enhance their skin and reducing the aging process with a youthful appearance, they can choose the Basic Skincare Package complete with all of the Luminesce products such as cellular rejuvenation serum, daily moisturizing complex, youth restoring cleanser and an essential body renewal.

For customers that want it all, Jeunesse has the Ambassador Package. The Ambassador Package is fully loaded with the lavishness of exciting products offered by the company.

The Jeunesse packages are truly a perfect way for customers to experience quality products without forfeiting quantity. Additionally, most of the packages include a bonus that gives customers a considerable advantage for discounting other retail purchases from Jeunesse.